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Cleaning Solutions

Your business is our business. 


Have a clean office in 3 simple steps


Call, email or use our online contact form 

to schedule a walk-through of your 

office space or building.


We'll provide you a thorough, yet affordable, proposal. Once signed, we can assemble a crew and order your cleaning equipment. 


Sit back and kick your feet up. We'll take it from here. We can begin cleaning as soon as 15 days. Results will be immediate!

Why Choose Office Pro

Professional Staff

Our polite cleaning experts will always be dressed in prominently-displayed Office Pro uniformed shirts and solid long or short pants.  Site Supervisors wear uniformed polos and name badges. 

We actually take the time to listen to and get to know our clients, so, it's not unusual for us to remember birthdays, a grandchild's milestones or an anniversary. Our clients know their cleaner(s) by name and have grown to look forward to the days we clean.

Proven Systems

With your input, we'll create and implement a  detailed, written cleaning checklist on which we thoroughly train your cleaner(s). This checklist is reviewed and signed by the cleaner(s) after each service. 

Our methodical, yet efficient, office cleaning systems allow us to execute well consistently while also keeping us on task. Proven high touchpoint disinfection programs reduce illness and call outs. 

Speedy Service

We know a seamless, hassle-free start up is important, so once we've completed the property walkthrough, we will deliver a professional, easy-to-read and understand cleaning proposal within two business days. 

Once the cleaning agreement has been signed, we can have a cleaner or cleaning team assembled, trained and reporting for duty as soon as 15 days.

Customized Service

Our cleaning packages can be scaled to accommodate any size commercial operation. Our flexible scheduling provides solutions for your light to heavy frequency cleaning needs. 

Our customers enjoy the option of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services. Day Porter and after-hours services are available.

Easy Access

Whether you're a prospect wanting a walkthrough and quote or a client with a question or concern, your Site Supervisor is accessible by phone or email (if not onsite) and will return all communications quickly.


After hours, a weekend or holiday and need to get in touch? No problem. Our live human answering service is available to take calls 24/7/365 and will get hold of an Office Pro team member to return your call ASAP. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

What you think about us matters! If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. If you for any reason feel we missed the mark in an area, just give us a call within two days upon receiving cleaning services, and we'll come back out and make it right!


Your business is our business.