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Industries We Serve

Commercial Properties

Whether it be a small insurance office, medium-sized non-profit organization or large corporation, we do it all! Don't let a dirty, smelly building damage your image and reputation with your clients and employees


Office Pro is a certified healthcare cleaning service provider. We are highly trained and qualified to safely service medical offices, clinics and health care educational facilities using an EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant.


Our environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, kid-safe disinfecting system allows us to thoroughly sanitize daycare centers, leaving them spotless, germ-free and safe for children's health, learning and development.


Presenting your customers with a clean building will help you establish a strong first impression and increase the chances of account acquisitions and repeat visits for additional services. Our services will enhance the environment and add value to your clients and employees.


In your plant or industrial facility, clean floors, restrooms, surfaces and common areas help create a positive and safe work environment. We clean heavily-soiled loading docks, warehouses, restrooms and a variety of flooring types with ease.

Food & Beverage

If your business serves food and/or beverages, you know all too well how much a negative inspection score or customer rating can impact your business. Ensure A+ and 5-star feedback, beginning with a hygienic and disinfected eatery that looks and smells great. 

Leave The Mess To Us!
First-class cleaning service right at your fingertips. Tell us where you need the job done and we'll be there in a jiffy!


What We Clean

Horizontal Surfaces

  • Desks
  • Table tops
  • Countertops
  • Window Ledges
  • Baseboards
  • Vanities
  • Sinks


  • Hardwoods
  • Laminate

  • Carpet

  • Natural Stone Tile Flooring

  • Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Flooring 

  • Vinyl

  • Linoleum

  • Rubber 

  • Carpet/rugs
  • Walk off mats 

Everything Else

  • Trash Collection & Dumping
  • Recycling Disposal
  • Restrooms & Restocking
  • Kitchens/Breakrooms
  • Conference/Meeting Rooms
  • Lobby/Waiting Rooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Offices/Cubicles/Exam Rooms
  • Glass/Mirrors/Windows

Disinfect & Protect Program

We apply to all high-traffic touchpoint areas and surfaces a CDC and EPA-approved, hospital-grade, broad spectrum disinfectant that is also a virustat, bacteriastat, mildewstat and fungistat, killing dozens of germs and viruses, including COVID and its variants, Influenzas A & B and HIV/AIDS. 

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Best-in-Class Products & Equipment

Properly cleaning an office building is not as simple as using a mop, bucket, broom and spray bottle. To achieve lasting results that both the clients and their clients can feel takes investing in your craft. That's why we only use the best products and equipment to make sure we do the job right every time. 

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Service You Can Count On

Unfortunately, office cleaners have gotten a bad rap for not showing up to work, doing a crappy job and being especially absent on inclement weather days. We take very seriously our team members' safety, but we can boast we've never had a missed service to due bad weather. Whether it be snow, hail, sleet or ice, we will  be safe and report for duty.

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